The Military Historical Society

What does the MHS do?

The Military Historical Society is a national organisation, founded in 1948, with a global membership which aims to promote knowledge of the history of the uniformed services of the Crown, through a study of uniforms, insignia, medals, weapons, campaigns and all aspects of military history. The MHS also encourages the collection of military historical objects. Members include collectors of a wide range of militaria, together with regimental, military and family historians. Its core products are:

  1. The Bulletin, in print and on-line, published 4 times a year. A searchable database with digitised copies of every issue of The Bulletin is available on the website to Members of the Society.
  2. An Annual Exhibition, run in conjunction with the Aldershot Militaria Society in September each year.
  3. Special Publications, in print, providing in depth information on specific military history subjects which have not been published elsewhere.

What does the MHS offer?

It is not an exclusive club for the very knowledgeable or highbrow collector. Membership is open to all, young and old, from professional military historians and life-long specialist collectors to those who collect nothing and have an interest in, but no specialist knowledge of, military history.

  1. It provides a loose network of kindred spirits and an opportunity to share knowledge and information.
  2. It promotes the study of the history of the uniformed services of the Crown, both in broad terms and in specific detail.
  3. It encourages the collection of military historical objects of all types and periods from badges, through medals to postcards, books and other military ephemera.
  4. Military and family historians and researchers are most welcome and frequently discover that access to the network of members with wide ranging knowledge helps in their quest for information.
  5. All ages are encouraged to become members.
  6. Members pay a modest annual subscription (£20 in the UK) and receive:
    1. Four full-colour illustrated issues of The Bulletin each year with an average of 56 pages.
    2. Occasional Special Publications of up to 70 pages with full-colour illustrations every eighteen months or so. Generally issued every one to two years. Surplus stocks sell strongly to non-members at around £12 each.
    3. Access to a wide network of kindred spirits with specialist knowledge on a vast range of military history subjects and collectibles.
    4. Access to the Members Own area of the website which includes digital, fully searchable copies of the entire archive of The Bulletin from 1950.