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THE BULLETIN Issue 287, February 2022

The February issue of The Bulletin was posted on 9 February 2022 and contains major articles on The Jingling Johnnie, Half a League Onward [Crimea], The Absent Minded Beggar - The British Infantryman in the Second Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902, and Churchill's Irish Brigade. There are shorter articles on Joe [a British Senior NCO in the uniform of the Jaipur Sawai Man Guards], British Army Future Soldier and The Formation of The Ranger Regiment, United Kingdom Space Command, National Muslim Service of Remembrance, and the National Women's Air Reserve. There are also the usual sections on Book Reviews and Questions, Answers and Correspondence.



The Indian Distinguished Service Medal by Sqn Ldr Rana Chhina MBE IAF Retd

Published in India in 2001, and available in limited numbers in the UK at £29.95 plus p&p, the author has generously offered the small number of remaining copies of his “The Indian Distinguished Service Medal” to the Society and we are delighted to be able to offer copies at £10 per copy including p&p to customers in the UK. Unfortunately, the book weighs more than 1kg and so postage costs will increase the price to overseas customers. Nevertheless, the book will still be excellent value at the inclusive prices of £20 to Europe, £30 to Zone 1, £35 to Zone 2 (Australasia & Singapore) and £38 to USA. If any customer outside Europe wants to opt for International Economy postage, at their own risk and with a delivery time of up to 2 months, then the cost including postage would be £20.

To order a copy, please email

“The Indian Distinguished Service Medal” by Rana Chhina remains the only comprehensive record of one of the two uniquely Indian gallantry awards of the British Indian Armed Forces. The equivalent of the British Army’s Distinguished Conduct Medal, the IDSM was introduced in 1907 to recognise the gallantry of Indian troops who were ineligible for the award of the DCM and whose conduct was perceived to fall short of that required for recognition by the Indian Order of Merit (IOM). The IDSM was awarded sparingly, with just over 5,600 awards made between 1907 and 1947, of which around 3,100 were made for service during the First World War. By comparison during the First World War alone the DCM was awarded on around 25,000 occasions.

Rana Chhina’s book includes a comprehensive account of the origin, development and description of the IDSM, and the institution of first and second award bars. It goes on to provide a complete roll of all recipients, by regiment or corps, listed in chronological order based upon the date of the General Government Order (GGO) authorising the award. Each entry includes number, rank, full name, the date and theatre of award and, where known, details of other awards and whether replacement medals were issued. The roll is split into two parts: 1907 to 1922 and 1922 to 1947 in order to reflect the reorganisation of the Indian Army in 1922 which led to changes in many unit titles. The final Section of the book comprises seven Appendices giving tables of units, summaries of award by unit, a summary of awards by year and obverse, representative award citations and an index to London Gazette entries between 1923 and 1947. There is also a comprehensive bibliography and index.

Rana Chhina, will need no introduction to all with an interest in the military history of India. His many publications have included highly acclaimed works on the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force, the Medals and Decorations of Independent India and, most recently, on the part India played in the First World War. He is a former Vice President of the erstwhile Indian Military Historical Society and a member of the MHS. His “The Indian Distinguished Service Medal” is an essential reference for all with an interest in the twentieth century Indian Army before 1947 and at £10 including p&p it represents outstanding value for money.


MHS Special Number 2021: BRITISH ARMY HEADDRESS 1939 to 1945 by Jon Mills

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new Special Number for 2021. Jon Mills will be well known to the militaria collecting fraternity and his latest publication will be very welcome and well received. This Special Number, with 96 pages, is nearly double the size of regular Special Numbers, which enables a wide coverage of Army headdress, including service dress, berets, Tam O’Shanters, glengarries, pith helmets, tropical and cold weather hats and a range of protective headwear. As well as breadth of style, the booklet also covers a wide range of units including Middle East forces, Airborne, Commandos, Water and Railway Units, ATS, Nurses, FANY and allied forces uniformed in the UK. The book is extremely well referenced and, although it is titled 1939-1945, it contains a wealth of information on the background and development of many types of headdress during the late 1800s, through World War 1 and in the inter-War period. The book is also lavishly illustrated with colour photographs of hats and black & white photographs of the hats being worn by a variety of ranks and regiments.

All Members of the Society automatically received a copy of this Special Number with The Bulletin in November 2021 as part of their annual subscription. Further copies may be obtained by Members or the public at a cost of £18 plus £2.00 p&p (UK rate). Overseas postage for a single copy is £4.50 (Europe), £6.00 (Zones 1 & 3) and £7.00 (Australia, New Zealand, Singapore & Pacific Islands). Go to Shop > Special Number > Item No. S028.



Colonel Steve Cornelius, a retired USAF officer, has just published his second book, which is an historical fiction about Army Air Force operations in south Asia during and after World War Two. The books are available in various formats through Amazon.

Distant Traveler, Volume I: One Survivor’s Haunting Experiences On A Mission Over “The Hump”, describes Air Transport Command’s efforts to ferry supplies and munitions from India into China and the challenges that aircrew faced in executing this difficult task. It is a highly descriptive account of aircrew life in sub-tropical Asia and the incredible stress endured while flying combat missions over the dangerous and unforgiving Himalayas.

Distant Traveler, Volume 2: Chasing Lighting, is the second book in the trilogy and continues the story of the McClure family and their service to the United States as officers in the US Air Force. Volume 3 will follow to complete the story.


THE BULLETIN Issue 286, November 2021

The November Bulletin was posted on Wednesday 24 November 2021 and contains major articles on The Women’s Volunteer Reserve 1914-1919, The Scots Brigade and The Uniforms of the Berkshire Yeomanry 1794-1900. Shorter articles cover the Annual Exhibition, Honorary Lieutenant Arjun Rana OBI, IOM of the 2nd/2nd Goorka Rifles, The ‘Scotch Militia’ (follow up), and Rhodesian Sheet Metal Air Force Badges of WW2. There are also book reviews; correspondence on the Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Joint Terminal Attack Controllers and South American Rangers; and an editorial supplementary note on the Failure of the Shangani Patrol.



The joint exhibition with the Aldershot Military Society was held on Sunday 26th September 2021 at a new venue, Waverley Abbey School, Tilford, near Farnham, and was judged to be a great success. Not only was the event held at a new venue, but attendance was restricted to members and invited guests with a small number of supportive dealers. The standard of exhibits was high and the new format led to a much more relaxed and enjoyable occasion, with plenty of time for people to view and discuss the exhibits, to meet up with old friends and kindred spirits and to spend quality time with the dealers and visitiors. Thanks are due to the organisers, exhibitors, judges, dealers and visitors for making this such a successful and well organised event.



Meetings will take place at the Boys' Brigade Hall, Sawmill Lane, Dorchester at 13.00 hrs on the following dates in 2022. Members are invited to give talks on any of the blank dates. Tel Geoff Pulman on 01308 424799.

21 May, Auxiliary Units by Will Ward (Bring along any Home Guard items); 25 June, Branch Exhibition & Competition (bring 1 item or a 101 !!); 23 July; 24 September; 26 November.

Photograph courtesy of Jaggery.©


THE BULLETIN Issue 285, August 2021

The August Bulletin was posted on 5th August 2021. The illustration is of the unique medal group of Captain A Gibb DSO DCM in a major article on all the recipients of both the DSO and DCM. Other articles include 18 (UKSF) Signal Regiment & UK Special Forces Communicator's Wings; Shoulder Belt Plates of The South American Rangers against the background of Colonial Regiments in the Caribbean; The Failure of The Shangani Patrol; and The National Fire Brigade Union Ambulance Department in the Boer War; together with the regular sections on Book Reviews and Questions, Answers & Correspondence.


MHS Special Number 2020: “A MONSTROUS PIECE OF CLOTH” THE BRODRICK CAP by Toby Brayley

Published in November 2020. You may wonder how an army cap which was universally disliked and only lasted for six years could possibly fill a 68-page Special Number. Toby Brayley has produced an absorbing and thoroughly professional account of the design and use of this cap throughout the army. It is superbly and prolifically illustrated and even has detailed photographs of the actual cap worn by the late Canon Lummis, a distinguished Member of the Society, when he was serving as 5428 W M Lummis in the 11th Hussars. This Special Number is surely destined to become the definitive work on the Brodrick Cap and the narrative provides an interesting insight to military service at the start of the twentieth century.

Members of the Society automatically received a copy of this Special Number with The Bulletin in November 2020 as part of their subscription. Non-Members can purchase copies (or Members can purchase additional copies) from the Shop at a cost of £12 each plus £2.00 p&p (UK rate).



The Indian Military Historical Society was integrated with the Military Historical Society at the beginning of 2021 and the entire 37-year run of Durbar, the journal of the IMHS, has been uploaded to the MHS website. Members of the Society are now able to view and download the text of all issues of both The Bulletin and Durbar, with a fully searchable database. Non-Members are also able to search the text and contents lists to see a list of relevant articles, but they are not able to view the text of the articles unless they join the Society.

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The Shop is operating normally and the only effect of the pandemic is increased delivery times, particularly to international destinations. Back numbers of The Bulletin, Durbar and Special Numbers can be ordered from the shop. However, please note that the back numbers of The Bulletin and Durbar are held in different locations and will be despatched by different people. Combined orders for MHS & IMHS publications will therefore incur two postal charges.

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Second and hugely updated edition published in 2014. Hard back, xv and 208pp with some 700 illustrations, mostly in colour. Originally priced at £90.00, Colonel Wood has offered to make the remaining copies of this definitive work to Members and non-Members of the Society at the superbly discounted price of £50, including post & packing. Please contact Denis Wood directly by email:; or by telephone: 020 7226 8866.



Surprisingly, two members are seeking back issues of Crown Imperial at the same time.

The first request is for the very early Issues 1-60 and 67.

The second request is for the last Issues 101-113 and the Yeomanry Special Number.

Please send any offers via the editor at




Member Ray Westlake has for sale a complete bound run of the Journal for the Society of Army Historical Research including two bound indexes for £950. These would need to be collected from the Cardiff area. Ray can be contacted at or by telephone: 07887 366642.


A fascinating stock of mainly 19th and 20th century military heroes, great commanders and villains. Phone Peter Dunn for a free monthly list: 0208 981 1373


David Smith: A fine selection of GENUINE British army insignia from shako plates to cap badges and shoulder titles, offered with a no-quibble, money back guarantee. Website: British Army Badges