Gift Aid

Anyone who pays UK income tax or capital gains tax, at least equal to the total of their annual Gift Aid payments in the appropriate tax year or years, is able to agree for any subscription or donation to The Military Historical Society (registered charity number 289326) to be treated for Gift Aid.

Members who meet these criteria are therefore encouraged to agree for their subscriptions and donations to be treated for Gift Aid as this is a significant help to the Society and enables the subscriptions to be maintained at an economic level. This can be done by:

Gift Aid Notes

Any subscriptions or donations made during the past four years and in all subsequent years will be included in the first claim.

In order to help Members know their current status, The Bulletin envelope contains the membership number followed by ‘GA’ for all Members who are currently registered for Gift Aid.

Members are asked to let the Treasurer & Membership Secretary know of any change of address or if they need to withdraw from the scheme for any reason.

To ensure compliance, we do not make any claim for Members with an overseas address, which includes the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

Members who pay Income Tax at the higher or additional rate can also reclaim the additional tax relief due to them by including all Gift Aid donations on their Self-Assessment tax return or by asking HMRC to adjust their tax code.