Why become a Member of our society?

By becoming a Member of our society and paying the annual subscription of you will be entitled to:-

The rules of the Society can be downloaded here.

To join our society, please complete this application form. Once you have joined and paid the subscription, you will be able to use this web site to search all the bulletins that we have produced since 1948 for articles of interest, and view the relevant pages. If you wish, you will be able to download and print articles of interest.

Membership and Subscriptions

Subscriptions are payable annually on 1st January.
Members joining part-way through any year are charged the full amount for that year and will receive all publications for the whole year to date.

Membership rates.


New Members.
Postal applications.

If you wish to apply by post, click on this link and print out and complete the postal Application & Bank Standing Order forms and send to the addresses indicated.

On-line applications.

If you wish to apply on-line, click here for the on-line application form. On receipt we will send you a Paypal invoice and will automatically re-bill you each January.
Applicants from outside Europe, please note that we will bill you for an airmail subscription unless you specifically request surface mail.

Membership Renewal.

If you wish to renew annually by post, a renewal form will be included with the November issue of The Bulletin. It is helpful to quote your Membership Number with renewal payments. Membership Numbers are always printed as the first line of the envelope address.

If you have joined via the website, and have not indicated that you wish to pay by some other method, we will send you a Paypal invoice at the beginning of January each year.

Paypal subscriptions

Note that a flat rate 50p surcharge will be added to all initial and renewal subscriptions paid through Paypal to cover charges.

Payment by Bank Standing Order.

If you currently pay by Bank Standing Order you need to do nothing other than to check to see that you are paying at the correct rate.

Payment by Cheque.

If you currently pay annually by cheque, please send your payment to the Treasurer:
John Murdoch,
Lower Brook Farm,
Smithy Lane,
SK10 5UP.

Changing to payment on-line.

If you wish to change to paying on-line, please e-mail your details, including your MHS membership number if known, to  We will send you a PayPal invoice and will thereafter automatically re-bill you each January.

Please remember to cancel any Bank Standing Order!

Membership Renewals from outside Europe will continue to be billed at the postal rate we have on record unless you specifically ask us to change.
Non-UK Members who have difficulty in sending sterling can send funds directly through PayPal to, quoting name and membership number and ticking the box "I’m sending money to family or friends".

Gift Aid It!

All members who pay United Kingdom Income Tax or Corporation Tax are asked to complete a Gift Aid Certificate. This enables the Society, as a registered charity, to recover the tax paid on the amount of the subscription. This is a very valuable aid to the Society in helping it to finance its ongoing publications.

Thank you in anticipation of your assistance.